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Marshall’s and CVS on Bedford Avenue?

242 Bedford Avenue Photo: The Real Deal The Real Deal has an article saying that discount clothing retailer Marshall’s and drugstore may be coming to Bedford Avenue. The location in question is 242 Bedford Avenue, the rusted hulk at the corner of Bedford and North 4th. According to the Real Deal, the owners of the […]

Happy Rezoning Day

For those of you that forgot to mark you calendars, tomorrow is Rezoning Day. That’s right, it is five years since the City Council approved the Greenpoint-Williamsburg Waterfront Rezoning. On May 11, 2005, the City Council and the Mayor’s office finalized a package of promises that paved the way for the enactment of the rezoning. Since it’s […]

18 December 2009

DuaneReade Coming to Bedford Avenue [✜]

DuaneReade is its bringing new, non-insta-blight, retail look to Bedford Avenue. To the Quadriad building to be specific. Like right across the street from King's Pharmacy.

Happy Rezoning Day

Photo: animalvegetable on flickr May 11 marks the fourth anniversary of the Greenpoint-Williamsburg Waterfront Rezoning. A lot has happened in four years. Economies have crumbled. Regimes have fallen. The American automobile is more endangered than the American eagle. Here in North Brooklyn, the last four years have brought construction – a hell of a lot […]

Housing Boom

Good news on the housing shortage front: Crain’s New York Business reported yesterday NYC is on pace to issue permits for 34,000 new housing units this year. That would be the highest number of permits since the early 1960s (the last high was 33,084 in 1972). The vast majority of those will be in Brooklyn […]

They’re Back…

As we predicted, Quadriad is back. Henry Wollman of Quadriad made a brief informational presentation to Community Board 1 tonight. Mr. Wollman professed his fondness for the board, and stated that the as-of-right project is being permitted now and will start construction “next week”. That is the five-story project that requires no rezoning and no […]

Goodbye for now

The Quadriad proposal continues to be a cliff hanger. After much confusion over what exactly Quadriad was proposing, and therefore what it was approving, Community Board #1 voted last month to table the resolution in support of the Quadriad plan.

Giving Away the Store

Its also not clear how the developer proposes to identify the subdistricts – such as the the ten-block area identified in the Northside – that specifically qualify for the “AF” zoning bonus.2 Such areas would be “selected by City Planning” the developer says, but there is no criteria provided for such selection.3 So in a project that provides a huge (and unknowable) economic bonus to developers, and would be available in large, but largely undefined, swaths of Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Brooklyn and New York City, CB1 is on the verge of giving an untested developer carte blanche…. But but as many as 40 units would be set aside for families earning $84,000 and more, well above the City’s AMI and three times or more the median income for Williamsburg.↩ 2.For that matter, the developer refuses to say why there are districts and subdistricts – why not just provide a straightforward definition of what sites qualify, and leave it at that?↩ 3.