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Food Market Coming to North #rd Street

Noticed something odd on the CB1 public hearing agenda for next week [link is to a non-searchable PDF]: three applications for the same address, 103 North 3rd Street. Odd, huh? Unless it is a food court, which it turns out it is. The North 3rd Street Food Market is apparently a thing. And it looks like Carnal, one of Smorgasburg’s regular vendors, will have a stall there. The other two applications are from “Jaja Brooklyn” and “LJ North 3 LLC”, neither of which are up on the SLA website.


Rye is Closing Next Saturday [✜]

I certainly didn't get there enough.

2 February 2018

Rejected Rebuild of Greenpoint Building Gets Redesign [✜]

After getting rejected at the Landmarks Commission for demolition and construction of a contemporary building, 111 Noble Street is back with a super-sized "restoration" of the original 1850s clapboard row house. Certainly more contextual, but isn't this still demolition of a contributing building? Complete with the loss of the side alley, a quirky character-defining feature of Greenpoint and Williamsburg (a throwback to rear tenements).

Memories of Old Williamsburgh

Lovely podcast from the Brooklyn Historical Society looking at Francis Morrell’s genealogy of old Williamsburgh, historical geography, African-American history and Puerto Rican migration.


15 December 2017

Stunning Mural Covers Four Story Building in Greenpoint [✜]

In other news, TIL that the Greenpoint Historic District doesn't go all the way to Manhattan Avenue on this block.

Williamsburg Residents Protest NYCHA Plan To Develop Parking Lot [✜]

Cooper Park residents aren't happy that NYCHA is moving forward with plans to develop a parking lot space at CPH (is this the first NYCHA infill development to move forward?). No word on how much NYCHA is getting for the lease.

Public-Private Brooklyn Waterfront Project Is Starting To Bloom [✜]

WSJ [subscription required] looks at the Williamsburg and Greenpoint waterfront esplanade, a feature of the 2005 rezoning that provides public access to the waterfront. So far, the Williamsburg portion - all four blocks of it - is complete, and the first one-block section in Greenpoint is set to come online in the coming months with the completion of the Greenpoint condominium between India and Huron Streets.

The Greenpoint section of the esplanade - eventually a mile of riverfront access - will be in fits and starts as development comes online over the next decade (or two?). And some day, this will all connect into the various parks along the waterfront, including Bushwick Inlet Park, Transmitter Park and East River State Park (the privately-owned Monitor Museum also fits into this). But there are holes too - the esplanade currently ends at North 3rd Street (184 Kent), picks up again at Grand Ferry Park and (soon) connects to Domino Park, and then breaks again until Kedem Winery, Shaefer Landing and (someday, perhaps) Certified Lumber.

The two big holes preventing a continuous waterfront experience from Wallabout Creek to Newtown Creek? The city-owned Williamsburg Bridge Park site at Broadway, and Con Ed's North 3rd Street property.

5 April 2017

19th Century 'Stench Map' [✜]

Fascinating map from the 1870s showing the sources of smell pollution in midtown Manhattan. A big culprit was industry in Williamsburg and Greenpoint - Pratt's Astral Oil Works at Bushwick Inlet, and the adjacent Williamsburg Gas Works at 50 Kent (although the map locates the gas works a block to the south, at what is now the southern CitiStorage building), as well as two of Standard Oil's refineries on Newtown Creek, a fat rendering plant and a phosphate works.

50 Kent is just now completing remediation - it is on schedule to be finished and the lot turned over to Parks in early May.

4 November 2016

Aborted Halloween Rave in Toxic Building Scares Up $150K in State Fines [✜]

Gwynne Hogan nails the lede:

"A developer who tried to turn a Superfund site into a super fun one..."

The article is scary, though - the owners of the NuHart Plastics superfund property have caused multiple toxic contaminant spills, including two that spilled onto the sidewalk.

2 November 2016

City Unveils Possible Routes for Streetcar in Brooklyn and Queens [✜]

In more alternative transportation news (also sure to give car owners agita), the city is out with a study on potential routes for the BQX streetcar. One of the more interesting things here is how the trollies will get across Newtown Creek. One option is a new bridge from Manhattan Avenue to Vernon Boulevard, recreating the bridge that existed there for decades. Streetcar or no, this is a good idea. Not sure I get the north/south passage through Williamsburg, though - if the goal is to serve "transit deserts" and make connections to ferries and the waterfront, why are we looking at Berry? And Wythe Avenue is only "medium traffic volume"? Place is a parking lot from afternoons well into the night, and most weekends.

But the biggest thing I'm not seeing here is a comprehensive transportation plan. So far, they are looking at how to fit the BQX in, but how does it all go together?