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22 February 2019

Measles Cases In Brooklyn Jump To Ninety [✜]

15 new cases in Williamsburg. I have not heard that the outbreak has extended beyond the Orthodox population, but am curious as to how much of the rest of the North Brooklyn is unvaccinated and therefore vulnerable.

Greenpoint is Over

“MarieBelle’s flagship store [is] in New York’s famous Soho District […and it] has a rustic-style Cacao Market in trendy Greenpoint, Brooklyn”.

Based on this press release, I think that we can put February 19, 2019 down in the calendar as the date that Greenpoint officially jumped the gentrification shark.


No L Train Shutdown Might Mean Worse Commutes Longterm

“Two-thirds of the survey respondents rated the city’s management of the plans as ‘mostly terrible.'”

Not just the City’s management, though it is the City that could do a lot of the surface transit changes that would actually benefit New York (not just L train riders) for years to come.


Brooklyn Boulders Books into New Kent Avenue Building [✜]

"Creator and operator of active lifestyle facilities"?

Anyhow, nice addition to the area.

19 February 2019

Amazon’s About-face Will Hit Greenpoint Developers, But It’s Not a Knockout Punch [✜]

Something that didn't exist three months ago has disappeared and this has a big impact on development in Greenpoint. Unless you read the article, in which case the overall response seems to be "Meh".

“We Have Not Figured Out Exactly How to Handle That”

“We have not figured out exactly how to handle that” is a quote from MTA Managing Director Ronnie Hakim about overcrowding on the First Avenue and Third Avenue platforms specifically, but it might as well be the mantra of MTA and City DOT when it comes to the new plan to fix the L train tunnel. Most of the surface transit mitigation that was in place for the L train shutdown is off the table (read: the City isn’t doing anything) and the MTA doesn’t really know what additional service it will run for the down times. Service will start to get reduced around 8 p.m. on weeknights, and trains will run with (minimum) 20-minute weekends.

Luckily, very few people go to north Brooklyn on nights and weekends, so it should all work out just fine.


12 February 2019

PAUL Reveals Updated Renderings For 302 Broadway [✜]

I guess the architects are drawing on the aesthetics of the existing building on the site?

302 bway

302 Broadway (existing condition)

On the (Queer) Waterfront [✜]

New exhibition opening in March at the Brooklyn Historical Society - On the (Queer) Waterfront: The Factories, Freaks, Sailors & Sex Workers of Brooklyn, based on a new book by Hugh Ryan.

LongPoint Bridge Connecting Greenpoint to Long Island City Gains Momentum [✜]

I've always wanted to see this connection between Greenpoint and Hunter's Point reestablished. The article mentions the Vernon Avenue Bridge (see below), which was constructed in 1905. But a bridge connecting Manhattan Avenue to Vernon Avenue was in place at least as far back as the mid-1850s, when Greenpoint and Hunter's Point were being developed. Eliphalet Nott was involved in the development of both neighborhoods, which is apparent looking at the very similar building stock in both areas.

Newtown Creek GMDC

Vernon Avenue Bridge, 1905
Credit: Novelty Theater

Yankowsky and Yankowsky

From the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 1910:

“The man was Andrew Yankowsky, 22 years old, an iron worker, who occupied a furnished room at 81 Grand street, with Andrew Yankowsky. The two are no relation.”