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5 October 2014

$24 Million Deal for Greenpoint Avenue Walk-Ups [✜]

Three buildings in the Greenpoint Historic District go for $8 million apiece. The new owner plans to gut renovate the whole shebang, which presumably means the 52 tenants and their families will be looking for new homes (three units are rent stabilized - no word on what is in store for them).

2 September 2014

City Pools See 7% Drop in Attendance [✜]

Attendance at McCarren Park pool was up, to almost 103,000. And crime was down.

26 August 2014

G Train Shuttle is Better Than the G Train [✜]

Something that I have been hearing from a lot of folks.

Eliot Spitzer in Talks for Kedem Winery Site [✜]

South Williamsburg gets a dark-horse entry in the race to be the next tower on the waterfront in the ground. Though South Williamsburg is still a big long shot to beat out Greenpoint - in addition to getting a deal done, the site is occupied by Cine-Magic under what is apparently a long term lease.

Where Will That Williamsburg Apple Store Finally End Up? [✜]

Racked assumes that there will be an Apple store, but gets the owner of Kings' old space to g on record that it won't be there.

Dusting Off the Williamsburg Apple Store Rumor

As with Starbucks, if you repeat the Apple-store-is-coming-to-Williamsburg rumor often enough, someday it will come true.

Was the Bagel Store (and Corcoran, and the natural food store, and the vintage clothing store, and the pet food store) space warehoused to create a large retail space when Kings left? Absolutely. Will something big go there? Almost certainly. Will it be a high-end, national retailer? Ditto. Will it be an Apple store? Who knows? Anyone who does is tied down by a NDA three-inches thick. No matter what some random guy said to a clerk at a kitchen store a year ago, I tend to think not. Maybe he was just putting up a smoke screen for the inevitable Williams-Sonoma…


20 August 2014

Short-term vs. Long-term Affordability [✜]

The affordable units, of which 20 percent [about 18 units] will be permanently affordable, will be distributed to people earning between $23,000 to $105,000 per year.

Big change from 0% affordable, so kudos to Antonio for working that deal. But how long will the other 27 "affordable" units be affordable?

Williamsburg Gets a Boozy Starbucks [✜]

After almost 20 years of existential angst over the prospect of a Starbucks on Bedford Avenue, the Northside is finally getting its own chain coffee store. And in true Williamsburg 3.0 fashion, it will serve alcohol. Seems appropriate that the neighborhood's first Starbucks is going into a former Superfund site, and that its coffee will be extra high octane.

Diesel is the Next Big Chain Coming to Williamsburg [✜]

Commenter #2 (AndyG) stole my line.

Greenpoint Eberhard Faber Building in Contract [✜]

After a failed attempt at residential conversion, 74 Kent Street is in contract and likely to become commercial offices. More good news for a real mixed-use community.