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4 October 2018

Retail Vacancies Abound near the Bedford Avenue L Stop [✜]

Does "L-mageddon already has a prime span of Williamsburg's Bedford Avenue in its grip"?

A lot of the examples shown around Bedford and North 7th have been vacant or under-rented for ages. Add to this the long-standing shittyness of this stretch of Bedford and the insanely high rents, and I'm a bit skeptical that this is all about the L train. But it sure doesn't help.

(Special bonus for long-time Northside denizens - a cameo appearance by Kenn Firpo!)

12 April 2018

Six-Story Building Coming to Williamsburg’s Grand Street [✜]

This building probably dates to 1850 or so. It is in remarkably good shape, given its age and location. Drip, drip.

11 April 2018

DOT Recommendations for North Brooklyn Streets Face Community Opposition [✜]

These seem like pretty basic solutions to pretty basic problems. But I am curious - after years of agitating for a comprehensive, district-wide transportation study, is this all there is? All our problems are solved??

Domino Sugar Refinery

Domino 1905

Domino Sugar Refinery, 1905

In 2006, Williamsburg Greenpoint Preservation Association did a very in-depth report on the history and architecture of the Domino Sugar Refinery, parts of which were incorporated into the Landmarks designation report for the Processing House and into the very detailed and comprehensive report that was prepared for the Historic American Engineering Record. Novelty Theater has recently updated the 2006 WGPA report with new information and has collected a host of images, historical and more recent.


30 March 2018

Medieval Polish Gourmet at Greenpoint’s Krolewskie Jadlo [✜]

Krolewskie Jadlo, Dzipula and Karczma are all owned by the same guy. I had no idea.

22 March 2018

Exclusive Reveal For 120 Java Street’s Impending Transformation In Greenpoint, Brooklyn [✜]

"The punched windows fit the floor plates without demolishing the facade, and they felt Brooklyn cool."

Definitely designed from the inside out, this looks absolutely awful. Nothing like the precedent in the Netherlands.

15 March 2018

LIVWRK Ventures Into Queens [✜]

I didn't realize LIVWRK was part of the equation at 200 Kent (that which will not be Trader Joe's).

Brooklyn School Reportedly Blocked Doorways to Prevent Students from Joining ‘Walk Out’ [✜]

I know a lot of kids at IS 318. I hope this inspires to be more activist.

8 March 2018

Big Dev Site along Williamsburg Waterfront Hitting Market [✜]

67 Kent Avenue, an almost full-block site across from Bushwick Inlet Park is on the market. This is the former Ko-rec-type factory, where they once made correction tape for typewriters. The Kent Avenue building was originally constructed as the Morrell Meat Packing plant, and the tall windowless tower at the corner of Kent and North 10th was the silo used for meat smoking. This was back when the Northside was a major meatpacking area, second only to Gansevoort.

7 March 2018

A History of Transit in NorthBK [✜]

Nicely researched history of transit and transportation, with a Greenpoint focus.