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UPDATE (13 February 2009): In light of recent events, its probably worth (re)iterating what should be pretty obvious: when I express an opinion, it is mine. This blog does not reflect the positions of Community Board #1, Brooklyn. It does not reflect the positions or opinions of my employers. It does not reflect the positions or opinions of any groups on which I serve in an official or unofficial capacity.

If you've been following along, you probably already get what's going on here. This site is primarily devoted to the north Brooklyn neighborhoods of Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Bushwick, and to issues of development, land use, design and construction ongoing in these neighborhoods and elsewhere. The site has undergone a few iterations over the past five or six years, and has in many ways been an experiment on my part. Now that I finally have the design and methodology in some order, I thought it was time for an introduction. aggregates two separate blogs. Most of the entries you see are short links to articles, websites, etc., that interest me. The entries usually include a brief commentary, and do not allow comments (if you want to comment, send me an email at 11211[at]brooklyn11211[dot]com). These entries are actually from a separate blog, 11211side, and really constitute a glorified sidebar or linked list. The linked article can be found in the title of the entry itself; the diamonds are permalinks. I try (and usually fail) to post a couple such links every day. The linked list is not intended as an up-to-date news source. A lot of the originating content you will have seen already; all I'm doing is commenting on why you should care about it.

The longer entries, which are fewer and far between, tend to be original content or commentary that is too long to fit in the linked list format (and often include images). I try (and always fail) to post at least once a week, twice in a (very) good week. Comments are always turned on, and are encouraged.

On a technical note, if you are reading through a feed reader, you need to subscribe to both blogs. Otherwise, you are only getting half the site. The feeds are at (yes, this was broken for ages - its on now) and (the RSS feeds are at and When I have to figure out how, I will try to put together a combination feed - until then, you'll need to subscribe to both.