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Swells Angels

Photo: Joel Raskin for Outside Magazine.

Outside magazine, on the waterfront:

The next three hours constituted the single most thrilling ride I’ve ever had in New York—no small boast in the land of the runaway cab. Anthony raced us past the sunbathers on Manhattan Beach. He brought us within yards of the Statue of Liberty’s sandals. We saw the city from new and exciting angles: under the Brooklyn Bridge; in the shadow of a hulking cruise ship docked in Red Hook while crews scrubbed the balconies; bobbing next to the buildings of Wall Street… Back at the Brooklyn waterfront, we topped out at 50 miles per hour — a terrifically uncomfortable speed…

Vroom, vroom.

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  1. Steve Moll wrote:

    Beauty! The west coast gang is tearing it up on

    Friday, October 22, 2010 at 22:07 | Permalink

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