Aloft with a View

Sweeping City Views (click to enlarge)

Its hard to imagine a waterfront hotel with no view, but the much-rumored Aloft hotel at Broadway and Kent just might qualify. To the west, there is nothing but a one-story building and then the East River. But when get right down to it, that might be all you get a view of.
The 200-room hotel (and 98 condo units) would be hard up by the Williamsburg Bridge, which in and of itself would be a view killer. But with 30 and 40 story towers coming to the Domino site just north of the bridge, the midtown views have be pretty fleeting even from the top floors of the hotel. At least there are views of the Financial District, right? Not so fast. What Schaeffer Landing doesn’t block already, the soon-to-be Kedem Winery development might just finish off.
If our highly scientific research is correct, most of what you’d see from this 20-story-or-so hotel/condo is the East River and Corlear’s Hook. That’s the part of Manhattan just south of the Williamsburg Bridge that is loaded with public and union housing projects (some of which are quite nice buildings in their own right).
Not exactly million dollar views, but at least Aloft would be convenient to transportation… its only seven blocks to the JMZ.