Building (North) Brooklyn II

Continuing our series on design awards for North Brooklyn architecture (following the woeful neglect of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce), today we present the award for the best new restoration trend: California stucco (a.k.a. EIFS, Dryvit, et al).

Berry and North 9th.

Yes, what better way to celebrate this historic workmanship of your rowhouse than by gluing a bunch of styrofoam to it and slathering a bunch of frosting over the whole thing? The possibilities for rich architectural detailing are virtually limitless here, as, apparently, is the palette of Mediterranean colors.
We appreciate that this new treatment continues a rich neighborhood history of faux facade finishes – from asbestos shingles and asphalt siding to tin and vinyl siding. But it makes one wonder if there is a fake siding out there that North Brooklynites won’t put on their buildings.

One response to “Building (North) Brooklyn II”

  1. Gotta love that stucco. I especially like the pink ones. East Williamsburg has two of those.