Too Much Development?

The Brooklyn Eagle is shocked to discover that there is a lot of development planned for the Williamsburg waterfront:

The city has been warned, but maybe it hasn’t paid attention to the three developments — all announced at different times, all approved at different times. A model maker, just from the information recorded in this column, could build a physical rendering of this new South Beach for all to see. Is this what we want? Is this good public policy, or — in truth — no public policy at all?

Here’s some news for the Brooklyn Eagle:

  1. The Toll Brothers and Levine site were REZONED by the city. For better or worse, the density is exactly what everyone thought they were getting.
  2. The city also rezoned a whole bunch of other sites in Greenpoint – multiply Williamsburg by about 3.
  3. The Domino site has not been rezoned (yet).
    3a – You obviously do not understand the scope of the New Domino project.
  4. This is all called planning – you may not like it, but you are arriving at this party about three years too late.