Gowanus Nursery

Gowanus Lounge first put out the news about the impending dislocation of the Gowanus Nursery. The nursery is currently in Red Hook, on a street that may be rezoned for residential use. If it does get rezoned, expect them to be out of a home at about the time you’ll be looking for plants for the new season (next May).

The Gowanus Nursery is a great place. We’ve been going there for all the years that they have been open (originally in Gowanus), and its the kind of place that makes NYC special. On the other hand, their business model is predicated on taking advantage of underdeveloped land, as close as possible to upscale residential neighborhoods. In that respect, they are in the same boat as Chelsea Gardens, which has had locations in Chelsea (multiple locations), the Bowery, Red Hook, Hudson Yards, etc.

Still, any business needs stability to thrive. And right now, businesses that rely on manufacturing land in North or South Brooklyn have anything but stability in their lives. I hope they find a location where they can continue to thrive beyond a one-year lease.

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