Karl Fischer Speaks

The best part of the Real Deal’s interview with Karl Fischer is that the RealDeal itself locates Warehouse 11 at “Williamsburg’s former Roebling Oil Field”. Obviously, Gowanus Lounge‘s work here is done.

And from Fischer himself, Roebling Square is “just a bunch of townhouses” (it isn’t – it isn’t even anything close to a bunch of townhouses). 50 Bayard is one of his favorite buildings (and, if we had to pick a favorite Fischer building, ours too). And “generally”, he doesn’t like boxes – “I like the buildings to have a little bit more flair — maybe some curved lines, maybe angled lines. I like to make sure every building is a little bit different” (unfortunately, with the exception of 20 Bayard Street, just about every Fischer project is a box devoid of curved lines, angled lines, and, dare we say it, flair; which is probably for the better, as 20 Bayard is the worst of the opus).

Fischer on Sevenberry: “…it’s probably like 150 feet long, but I broke it down to 25-foot modules to try and get the feeling of 25-foot houses”. Somehow, I don’t get that feeling.