And it Shutdown Last Week

Today’s Times, talking about commuting, has this:

Or look at the New York Water Taxi, which started a route from Red Hook to Wall Street last year. Five years ago that circuit wasn’t necessary. But the perpetual “next big neighborhood” has sprouted not only a gourmet grocery store but also a community that shops there.

“The stop has two things,” said Tom Fox, president of New York Water Taxi, who worked with Fairway and local developers to create the service. “It has a new population in Red Hook that is going to Wall Street, and second it’s got Fairway which draws people to Red Hook, so there’s a potential for travel to and from the location.”

What both the Times and Fox fail to point out is that New York Water Taxi suspended its Red Hook service last week. Even though they keep their boats in Red Hook, its still not worth picking up passengers there.

(The Red Hook service is different from the East River service, which is to be suspended this week.)