Failing Schools: What the State Says

NYS has released its own list of failing schools, and there is some disagreement between what the State deems a failure and what the City deems a failure. Unfortunately, for PS 84 (Jose de Diego), it appears that there is a consensus: things are not good. 84 is the only school in 14 to be added to the list of failing schools, er, I mean “in need of improvement”.

Meanwhile, all six local Junior High Schools are either “restructuring” or “requiring academic progress” on the state list. Likewise, PS 19 (Roberto Clemente) is also “restructuring”. If I’m reading my euphemisms correctly, that means that all of those schools are on the failed list. The disagreement is evident in PS 19 (which the City graded as “B”) and JHS 50 (John Wells, which the City graded as “A”). A number of schools that the city gave low grades to did not appear on the state’s list of failing schools.