Living the High Life

While Brooklynites learn to live without the Water Taxi, some people are having a grand time:

[The] unhappiest travelers I found were on the subway. Worn out by drudgery, angered by slow service, they were the most vocal and the least satisfied… Other types of commuters have the opposite experiences. A group of Haverstraw residents who take the New York Water Taxi to Wall Street have become fast friends — they even hold onboard happy hours on Friday evenings, taking turns bringing food and drinks.

Live it up, folks, come May, your party will be over too. Too bad, that’ll be just the time to bring the party up topside.

[Remember this from the Post: “Rockland County kicked in a $1.2 million grant for a Haverstraw connection until April 30, 2009..”? Coincidentally, May 1 is when the East River service is scheduled to back in service.]