No Pie for You

Via Gothamist, word that Pies ‘n’ Thighs is, as of tomorrow (the 16th), no more. Seems they were unable to withstand the juggernaut that is the Department of Health, and are throwing in the towel.

DOH has been on a rampage ever since those rats showed up in that KFC in the Village – unfortunately, their standards seem wholly incompatible with good esoteric restaurants such as this (and such as Brick Oven Gallery, which lost a lot of business to a DOH closure). At some point, we’re going to be left with nothing but industrial food purveyors, and there will be nothing left to eat in this city.

(By the way – its interesting to watch the vigor with which DOH has pursued restaurant food safety since the KFC rat attack incident, and compare that to the Department of Buildings and the rash of worker deaths and adjacent building collapses a year or so ago. But then DOH is there to protect the public, whereas DOB is there to protect development.)