PS 84 Update

Apparently DoE has backed off and decided not to put a second school in PS 84. According to a flier posted at the school, DoE has determined that “the community clearly doesn’t support the plan”.

Hopefully the principal and PTA at 84 can bring the same passion and vigor to improving their school (which DoE says is on the verge of failing) as they have brought to keeping this school out (and as they brought to fighting a change to a “progressive” (whatever that means) curriculum last year). At this point, 84 is not only failing, it is undersubscribed. Parents who have the means (and I’m not talking financial) are sending their kids out of zone – to PS 132, the East Village, open enrollment public schools, or private and parochial schools. Parents dedicated enough to schlepp their kids across the East River every day are exactly the type of parents that PS 84 needs.

True, a Discovery School in PS 84 would not have done anything to improve the existing school – they would have been two separate programs (with the Discovery School open to citywide enrollment). But fighting against a Discovery School also does nothing to improve PS 84.

3 responses to “PS 84 Update”

  1. Derrick Delrosario

    I’m uncertain as to who is speaking here. Please tell me more. I am glad to know more .
    In fact I would like to know the pros and cons of bringing other students into the school. Your further input may help me to see another way to think about “progression” Seeing things in a different light couldn’t be harmful.. only helpful
    please get back to me soon, because I am in search of an “unbiased opinion”
    thanks D,Delrosario

  2. I’m not unbiased, but:
    I’m not sure that I know what “progressive” means, though many new parents in the neighborhood use that word for a different way of teaching. My point was that this is a failing school, and fighting to keep people out for the sake of keeping people out is not going to make the school any better. Whether its progressive or traditional, the curriculum at 84 needs improvement so that kids will learn. That’s good for everyone.
    Personally, I think bringing more students into the school would be a good thing. Everyone would be better off with a successful local public school. More students mean more resources. Energized parents bring resources beyond what the city can provide (and the city will never provide enough). Etc., etc. Unfortunately, the actions of the PTA and principal have scared a lot of people away and convinced others that improvement is not in the cards.
    Neither side is particularly right, but in this case I was highlighting the problems of one side.

  3. This school is the best
    i went to this and it was off the hezey