Schaefer Dock Gone

I have heard that the water taxi dock at Shaefer Landing was removed over the weekend. Apparently, a new and smaller permanent dock will be installed in “a couple of months”. I suppose that quashes any hope of taxi service resuming any sooner than “a couple of months” from now.

2 responses to “Schaefer Dock Gone”

  1. Does this change have anything to do with the wholesale gentrification going on the waterfront and all throughout the south side? But even if not , why compose a smaller taxi? This side of Brooklyn is sinking under the stress of overpopulation . Have you tried to catch the L train in the morning? May I suggest “tree” pose ?

  2. The opposite, I suppose. The water taxi was a major selling point for buyers of luxury units at Schaefer Landing.
    I think its just the dock that is going to be smaller, not the taxis. We certainly need as many ways across the river as possible; hopefully they will be affordable to all (at $5 each way, the water taxi is not very affordable).