New-Look Gowanus Lounge

Gowanus Lounge has moved away from Blogger and set up with a newly designed site with their very own domain. In addition to the new domain name (be sure to update your feed reader), the site now boasts a masthead full of correspondents and photographers (most of whom we have all come to know over the past two years). Oh, and advertising too.

I’ll reserve comment on the redesign until I’ve had a chance to see it in action. I will miss the (energy-saving?) black background of the old site, but not the Blogger infrastructure (which always seemed to choke Firefox, but was fine on Safari).

Oh, and happy anniversary, Robert. It is pretty amazing to think that GL did not exist two years ago. In that time, GL has become the leading source for much of Brooklyn’s news (and a constant source of material for less of-the-moment news venues).