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That Explains It

Closed by Order of the Department of Health

It has been noted elsewhere that Kellogg’s Diner has closed for renovations. Turns out, the closing might not be so voluntary. It seems the Department of Health happened to stop by and – surprise, surprise – found a few things amiss. So as the sticker here indicates, Kellogg’s was shut down on 9 April with 77 violation points. It probably had something to do with the fact that no surface in that place was fit to be in contact with food.

I’m often skeptical of DOH inspections (Brick Oven Gallery) but in this case, its long overdue. And I’m not alone there – witness the comments here and here. And from the “commenters” on the sticker in Kellog’s window – which say “Finally!” and “Good Riddance”.

UPDATE: In the comments, Mr. Fact points out that Kelloggs had applied for permits to do work six to nine months ago. True enough (I missed that on DOB because the permits are under a few different BINs). Still, the final permits were not pulled until after the DOH inspection. And to date, no one has expressed the least bit of surprise that Kelloggs would be shut down by DOH.