Whither the Water Taxi?


Back in the coldest, darkest days of winter, when New York Water Taxi suspended service on its East River route, the company said that service would resume on May 1. In February NYWT pulled the water taxi dock out of Schaeffer Landing entirely. At the time, it was reported that the dock was to replaced with a smaller, permanent dock.

Crossing the Williamsburg Bridge the other day, the dockless void in front of Schaeffer landing got me wondering about when that new dock was going to appear. The good news is that it will reappear – service to Schaeffer Landing is as part of the new summer schedule for NYWT.

The bad news is that the resumption of all commuter service on the East River has been (very quietly) pushed back to June 2. And they’ve shortened the evening schedule – the last boat out of Wall Street will now leave at 6:07 (there used to be a 7:00 boat).

But at least service will be back in June.

A month later than promised.

Assuming the dock is in place by then.