Microsoft Store?

The Williamsburgh Savings Bank (the one on Flatbush, not ours) may soon be home to the world’s first Microsoft Store. [Insert joke here.] That, at least, according to the new broker for the landmarked space. Its not clear if this is actual news or just an attempt by a broker to get Apple’s competitive juices flowing.

But really, a Microsoft store? A 33,000 square foot Microsoft store? In a landmark interior? In a building with no street-level retail presence? For $2 million a year in rent? With your only store in the world on Flatbush and Atlantic? I’m no fan of Microsoft, but even I don’t think they’re that dumb.

This space would make a great Apple store. But Apple already has three other stores in the city, in very high traffic areas. Apple also has the goods to sell – once you get past Zunes and XBoxes, what’s left? The Vista Bar?