School Overcrowding

Today’s Daily News has a piece on overcrowded Brooklyn schools and the slow response of the Department of Education. The article includes these nuggets of local interest:

– In Williamsburg and Greenpoint, the City Planning Commission projects a general population increase of 12.5% from 2000 to 2010 because of thousands of new apartments being built. But Education Department consultants project an enrollment decline of 19.5%.

– In Bushwick, the neighborhood population is projected to increase by nearly 11%, but school enrollment is projected to decline 14%.

Much of the blame is put at the feet of DOE, but City Planning certainly deserves its share. After all, Williamsburg and Greenpoint have undergone a comprehensive rezoning that is projected to add 10,000 new housing units by the middle of the next decade. And yet this rezoning included no provisions for expanded school services.