Relish Loses Some Green

Photo: rajmeanswell

Walking down Metropolitan this morning I noticed a sidewalk shed had gone up in front of the clover-filled empty lot that has served as Relish’s lawn for many years now. Uh oh.

Took a look through a hole in the fence, and sure enough, there was a pile of steel. Checked out the fence more carefully, and there it was – a new building permit.

So what was once a lovely little urban oasis will soon become condos. Five of them, actually. Probably luxury ones. With off-street parking for one car. All in a five-story-plus-mezzanine package designed by Philip Toscano, RA (no web site for this old school architect).

Yes, its all as of right, and its private property that the owner can do with what he or she wants. But it is one little slice of Eden that will be missed.

Oh well.