Williamsburg Walks

Williamsburg Walks* – the proposal to close down a stretch of Bedford Avenue for 4 Saturdays this summer – looks as if it is going to happen. The proposal is to make Bedford from North 3rd to North 9th pedestrian only starting on 19 July and for the three Saturdays following. Stores and restaurants will be allowed to expand into the street.

(* The information on this link is out of date – check back soon for updates.)

4 responses to “Williamsburg Walks”

  1. I remember that one snow day, 2002 I think, when Bedford was all of us enjoying the stores and the snow. (minus the snow) Great!

  2. Um, what if an ambulance or fire truck needs to get through? Are the hipsters going to get out of the way, or do the emergancy vehicles have to take a detour?

  3. I’m not involved in the project, but my understanding is that the cross streets with traffic lights (North 6th and North 7th) will remain open to all crosstown traffic. I assume the other streets will be patrolled by NYPD, who can open the barricades if emergency vehicles get by.
    The event itself was organized by business owners (on and off Bedford), and has had to get approvals from a host of city agencies.

  4. We have finalized dates for the Williamsburg Walks event & our website is now up to date.
    Any feedback is more than encouraged at the forum: http://www.billburg.com/walks/discuss/