Progress at Schaefer

Yesterday, I posted about yet another delay in the resumption of water taxi service at Schaefer Landing, and almost immediately had a comment noting that the dock installation was imminent. And then this morning, another post from the same commenter stating that the dock was going in at that moment (2:00 p.m.). Sure enough, when I went across the bridge this afternoon, there was a barge and crane in place in front of Schaefer. If it wasn’t installing a dock, it was certainly getting ready to. Clearly, my post shook things up and jump started the process…

Seriously, though, this is great news, and hopefully means that NYWT will be operating at Schaefer come next Monday morning. Though given the track record of the past few months, its far from a safe bet.

UPDATE: Yesterday afternoon, Curbed posted photos of the arrival of the dock and barge, including this one:

The Water Taxi dock arrives!
(The dock is the small thing floating in front of the tug; the larger barge is doing the installation.)
Photo: Curbed.