Greenpoint Hospital

Miss Heather wonders what’s up at the former Greenpoint Hospital site on Kingsland and Maspeth. A lot, actually, and a lot of nothing.

The big building at the north end of the site (the one Heather was asking about) is a homeless shelter; I believe the smaller buildings north of there contain affordable housing units. The building at the corner of Kinglsand and Maspeth is being renovated by St. Nick’s (the purpose escapes me). That’s a lot.

The lot of nothing is what’s happening east of the St. Nick’s site. The building fronting Debevoise at Maspeth is the former Nurse’s Residence. Community activists have been trying for decades to place a nursing home here, but that seems all but dead. Instead, this is one of the city-owned sites slated to become affordable housing in order to meet the city’s promise of “30%” affordable in the Greenpoint-Williamsburg Rezoning (private sites are supposed to account for 20%; public sites the balance). HPD issued an RFP for the Nurse’s Residence and adjacent parking lot in April, 2007. To date, HPD is still reviewing applications. Hence, a lot of nothing.