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Mobil Gone [✜]

No Gas.JPG
No Gas.

The last post, in particular Will Femia's photo, reminds me that Mobil sign in Will's photo is no more. Above is a picture I took on 1 July, showing the new chain link fence and the decapitated Mobil sign. The sign itself was lay in the parking lot, freshly cut, the day I walked by. I have no idea when a Mobil (or any other gas) station last operated at this site - never in my Williamsburg life. The service station moved out in 2001 or so (they're now at McGuinness and Java).

Based on this recent activity, the site is being prepped for work. Shockingly, it will not be luxury housing. The owner wants to open a Tibetan cultural center of some sort. This requires a partial rezoning, as part of the site does not allow commercial uses as of right.