Williamsburg Lament

The view from 80 Metropolitan (for now).

On Curbed today, an owner at the Mill laments the loss of his sliver view of the Williamsburg Bridge – blocked in part by the construction of 80 Metropolitan. Which brings to mind the old NYC adage that if you want views that can’t be blocked, buy on the park. (I think the adage refers to Central Park, but I suppose it applies to McCarren too.)

80 Metropolitan’s website proves the point. That million dollar view in the first Flash screen is probably not long for this world – Domino’s development of 20 to 40 story towers (shaded red above) will easily block the bridge views in this image, leaving the Woolworth building and Knickerbocker Village. The view west is already crap (the last bit of industrial waterfront in Williamsburg, which is owned by Con Ed and probably not going anywhere), and the view to the north is quickly being eaten up by 184 Kent, Northside Piers and the Edge.

Even Northside Piers is about to block its own views – the new towers that are part of phase 2 will block much of the western views from phase 1.

Just goes to show.