In the same speech in which he denounced Barack Obama’s ambition to become president, John McCain also had this to say:

And in matters of national security, good judgment will be at a premium in the term of the next president

Oh yes, judgement.

Such as Obama’s judgement that we need a reasonable time table to leave Iraq? Status – after being denounced by Bush, McCain and every other victory-at-all-costs wingnut, it now appears that we are – with the support of the Iraqi government – on a path to a time table for withdrawal. A time table which is remarkably close to that proposed by Obama (and which McCain now supports).

Perhaps McCain is referring to Obama’s judgement that Pervez Musharraf was not reliable ally in our war on terror? Status – Musharraf resigned as president of Pakistan today.

Or maybe McCain is referring to Obama’s judgement that we took our eye off the ball in the war on terror, Afghanistan? Status – after years of neglect in favor of an unnecessary war in Iraq, the Taliban is resurgent in Afghanistan.

Surely McCain is also referring to Obama’s willingness to negotiate from a position of strength with states such as Iran? Status – the Bush administration has entered into direct negotiations with the government of Iran over the issue of nuclear weapons.

McCain is right – good judgement is at a premium. But it will be on display in Denver next week.