Lawanna’s Closing


Lawanna’s, which moved this past year from the heart of the Bedford strip to Grand Street, is having a closing sale. Apparently, the Grand Street location did not have the drop-in foot traffic necessary to maintain the business. (Grand Street, is a great retail area, but realistically, it probably is more of a destination retail area.)

Nearby, a new storefront for a new restaurant has gone in at 167 Grand (the former head shop/coffee shop next to La Villita Bakery).

4 responses to “Lawanna’s Closing”

  1. The head shop was an ice cream shop before… both that spot and the adjoining space that was Grand Cafe are going to be a Greek restaurant.

  2. I’d heard that about a Greek restaurant. They’re doing a ton of work, from the looks of it. When I looked in the other day, they had a palapa-type thing under construction for their bar, which could have gone a few different directions in terms of nationality. A good Greek restaurant would be a great addition – the one down near Roebling never really clicked, did it? Though it was nice to hang out in the garden.

  3. Yeah, the Roebling place originally opened as a cafe/sandwich bar, sort of like a more Starbucksy Lucky Cat, and they only “went Greek” when plan A failed.

  4. The place is awesome. I will be taking advantage of the sale but it is sad to see such an ill place leave. I guess american apparel wins again:(