New Blog in Town

NAG – Neighbors Allied for Good Growth (the second “G” is silent) – has started a new blog. NAG’s blog focuses on the issue that matter most to the organization: balanced growth in north Brooklyn. The blog officially went live on Saturday, but they have been posting for a couple of weeks on topics such as brownfields, the Finger Building, industrial retention, Williamsburg Walks (which NAG helped to organize) – so generally, stuff about getting involved in your neighborhood and helping to shape its future.

For those who don’t know, NAG began life as Neighbors Against Garbage (hence the single “G”), fighting against the Nekboh/USA Waste waste transfer station on Kent Avenue (now the site of Northside Piers). During the waterfront rezoning of Greenpoint and Williamsburg, NAG was one of the leading neighborhood advocacy groups. (It was the NAG leadership that coordinated the formation of the North Brooklyn Alliance, an umbrella organization of community groups that fought for affordable housing, open space, jobs and reasonably-scaled development in the rezoning.)

[Full disclosure: I’m on the NAG board.]