Flooding the Zone

This morning (practicing what I preach) I went to my very quiet polling place and voted. Pretty simple, as there was only one choice to make – Connor or Squadron?
This is evening I came home to a mailbox full of fliers, all from Marty Connor and his supporters. Twelve fliers in all. 12. An even dozen (six for me, six for my wife). There were two anonymous “Stop $quadron” fliers. These slammed him (in English and Spanish) as an inexperienced carpetbagger. In English, Squadron was “a rich 28 year old”; in Spanish he was “un milionario” – but judging by my mailbox, its Connor who has the deep pockets.
I wonder if he’s a day late, though – seems to me that that propaganda would have been more effective if it arrived in my mailbox yesterday.
UPDATE: According to NY1, Squadron defeated Connor rather handily – 54% to 46%. Also of local note, Ed Towns won his 10th CD race, with just over 2/3 of the vote. And across the river, Sheldon Silver won his assembly race with a bit over 2/3 of the vote as well.