Lies Republicans Have Told Us

This is a typical conversation I have been having of late with my four-year-old:
Q: Did you hit your sister?
A: No.
Q: Why is she crying?
A: I think she wants to go play somewhere else.
Q: I saw you hit her.
A: Can we do something else now?
I bring this up because if you substitute “four-year-old” for “Presidential candidate John McCain” (or anyone who works for him), you pretty much have the gist of the past three weeks. Having decided that he can’t win on the issues, McCain has chosen to lie his way into the White House. When he or one of his henchpeople are caught in a blatant and indefensible lie, they try to change the subject. My four-year-old knows when he is lying, and I suspect John McCain does too (though I’m beginning to wonder). The main difference between the McCain campaign and my four-year-old is that the McCain campaign will come back tomorrow and repeat the same lies. Another rather important difference is that my four-year-old cannot serve as President for another 31 years – which should give us enough time to teach about life, the universe and everything (including the importance of trust, dignity and honor). John McCain, on the other hand, could be taking the oath of office in four months.
Since Palin’s first press conference barely three weeks ago, she and McCain have been lying to the American people at every opportunity. Not spinning, not making their best case, just flat out lying. As in we-know-its–not-true-but-we’ll-keep-saying-it-anyhow lying. As in my four-year-old has a better grasp on the truth. Bridge to nowhere – she was for it before she was against it (and she happily took the money). But she’s still lying about it. Earmarks? She lobbied for them as governor, she lobbied for them as mayor. But he’s still lying about it. Crowd size? McCain claims 10,000 people in a 3,500 seat arena. And his campaign is still lying about it. Obama’s support for a bill to educate children about sexual predators? McCain apparently is on the side of the pedophiles (either that or he is lying about Obama’s position).
From the substantive to the silly, no lie is too big or too small for McCain. He is truly willing to sell his soul to the devil to become president. He must really believe that the American people are stupid.