Making Book

Ask and you shall receive: yesterday I wondered what the over/under was on Palin’s nomination surviving to Election Day. Today, Intrade has a line on it. The odds are pretty long at this point – traders are giving her an 86% of staying on the ticket through 4 November.
But given the substantive revelations of the past 48 hours, this may be a smart bet to take. Putting aside issues that really don’t address her qualifications and state of mind (beauty pageants, teen pregnancy, DWI arrests), in the past two days we have learned the following: Palin lied about her opposition to the Bridge to Nowhere; was barracuda when it came to raking in earmarks for the town of Wassila (thanks in part to the Abramoff-connected lobbyist she hired); has tried to fire at least three employees for lack of loyalty; was a director of the 527 group created by muck-master Ted Stevens; and has a spouse whose former political party declares its hatred for the government and flag of America and actively pushes for secession. For good measure, Palin has also claimed international experience by virtue of a refueling stop in Ireland.
This is by no means an exhaustive list.
At this point it is clear that John McCain’s vetting of Sarah Palin consisted of a Google search that probably didn’t go past the first page (may they clicked on “I’m Feeling Lucky”). McCain talked to the woman for a total of 20 minutes before deciding to put her a heartbeat away from the presidency. This is how he handled the most important decision of his presidential campaign – really, the first major executive decision in his political career.
John McCain doesn’t care about governing; he only cares about being president. That’s not putting country first.