Palin: Over-Under?

Is there an over/under on how long Palin’s candidacy will last?
And with new evidence coming out on an hourly basis that McCain didn’t do the most basic vetting of Palin, how much longer will we have to hear about his superior “experience”? In the “most important decision of his candidacy”, McCain decided to shoot from the hip. He rolled the dice. If this is how McCain would operate as president (and there is every reason to believe that it absolutely is how he would operate as president), we should all be losing sleep at night.
John McCain forgot the most important qualification for a VP: do no harm. He went for the pander trifecta (the base, blue collar voters and women) with a nominee whom he had met for less than 20 minutes.
I said it before and I’ll say it again – I’ll take judgement and discretion over experience.