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Today is a primary day in NY. They schedule them like this so no one will actually know its a primary day and the incumbents can stay in power. Or at least that's what a conspiracy theorist might theorize. Unlike most primaries in NY, there are some actual races and actual issues of actual import attached. Herewith, a rundown, starting locally and moving out (as always, you must be a registered Democrat to play this game): In 11211, State Senator Martin Connor is being challenged by Dan Squadron. Connor has the backing of the Democratic establishment (most of the Democratic Congressional delegation, Markowitz, Thompson, Gotbaum, Quinn and most of the senate and assembly Democrats as well). Squadron has been endorsed by Bloomberg, Schumer and Wiener, and the Times. In addition to areas of Brooklyn, Connor's district covers much of lower Manhattan. Next door, Congressman Ed Towns is being challenged by Kevin Powell. Towns has the establishment endorsements, including the Clintons. (Obscure sore point on Towns - he was the congressman who crossed Congressional boundaries to lobby against the landmarking of 184 Kent.) Back in Manhattan, Assemblyman (and Assembly Speaker) Shelly Silver is facing a rather serious challenge from Luke Henry and Paul Newell. Newell has the press endorsements wrapped up, with all three papers supporting his bid. Which may not be enough with a split ballot against an entrenched incumbent. Still, if you've supported any of Bloomberg's big plans over the past few years (the Jets, congestion pricing, just to name two), you might want to give Newell a look. Special bonus - by voting tomorrow, you will be among the first New Yorkers to use new voting machines.