Ghost Condos of McCarren Park

Funny thing is, the Finger Building is nowhere near McCarren Park (at least not in the sense of this article). And yet it is the only picture in the article, and it is the “lede”.
I actually think that the condos around McCarren (those actually facing the park, not the ones seven blocks away) will fare better in a down market. There will be a flight to quality, and park views with light and air pretty much guaranteed represent quality. (I’m not vouching for the quality of construction, though – you’re on your own there.) Likewise, water views and well-designed apartments in well-built buildings (OK, not so may of those up here in the Eastern District, but there are some).
Oh, and in actual news about the Finger Building, there was a BSA hearing today. No decision, but reportedly, BSA seemed skeptical of DOB’s open space calculations. Stay tuned – round three is scheduled for November 17.
[via Brownstoner]