Williamsburg, NJ


Via commenter #4 on this Curbed post, here is a screen shot from the Northside Piers website. This is the purported “West View” from your luxury waterfront condominium (rental?) in hip-hip-hip Williamsburg.
And what a view it is – the Empire State Building to the right, the Chrysler Building to the left. Which is pretty funny, because when most Brooklynites look to Manhattan, they see the Empire State on the left (south) and Chrysler on the right (north). We also don’t look out over the Hudson River.
This Northside Piers must be a magical and wonderful place. They should rename it – somehow Weehawken sounds appropriate.

One response to “Williamsburg, NJ”

  1. Maybe Northside Piers should be renamed “Weehawken East”?
    And my ‘nabe can be re-christened “Williamsburg Heights”!
    Or was this already taken by Bushwick?
    Open to suggestions and humorously yours. H