Yassky on the Fence

David Yassky, who also represents parts of Williamsburg and Greenpoint, is one of seven undecided Councilmembers when it comes to the term limits extension. Some are even saying that the issue will come down to Yassky’s vote.
As I’ve said before, I don’t think that NYC’s term limits work. But I also don’t think that legislative fiat is the proper path to fixing the problem. Recently, the paternalism (and maternalism) that advocates of this temporary but in-our-best-interest ploy have wrapped themselves in has made the whole exercise even more disgusting. Its pretty simple – people voted twice for term limits. Now we are faced with a popular mayor about to be forced into retirement at just the moment when his political and economic experience may be of the most value. So put it to a vote. People are smart enough to understand what the stakes of term limits are. We’re also smart enough to know when we’re being talked down to. Supporting a one-time extension of term limits (Lauder) is bullshit, no matter how extraordinary the times. Saying that voters should have a choice in troubled times (Quinn), but not supporting a referendum that would give us that choice, is also bullshit.
Term limits are stupid, but the voters should make that call, not the politicians.
**UPDATE:** If you want to make your feelings known to CM Yassky, call him at (718) 875-5200 (or send him an email). If you don’t live in the 33rd Council District, you can find your council person’s contact info here. Give ’em a call – it’s still a democracy, after all.