Sugar and Spice and Everything Not So Nice

Good, quick piece in the *Eagle* on the Havemeyer’s Sugar Trust and the efforts of Arbuckle Coffee to break it.
In the late 19th century, the Sugar Trust included not only the Domino Refinery (the “jewel in the crown”), but at least five or six other refineries along the Williamsburg and Greenpoint waterfront. Others were located in DUMBO and in New Jersey.
The lone holdout was the Mollenhauer Refinery, which was located on the Certified Lumber site on Kent between Division and South 11th Street. Mollenhauer was a speciality sugar manufacturer, and thus not a threat to the Trust. The suspicion at the time was the the Havemeyer’s let Mollenhauer operate unimpeded so that the Sugar Trust wouldn’t be accused of controlling 100% of the market. They only controlled 98% of it.