As the Finger Turns

It may be done by now, but today is (final?) judgement for the Finger Building at BSA. Things are not looking for the anti-Finger crowd – according to an email from supporter, HSBC has bought the development project AND the air rights buildings. The fear now is that with the building and the air rights in hand, BSA will deny the opposition motion and let the full 200′ building go up.

Just so we’re clear on this – the developer probably did not have the air rights to permit the building, but DOB granted the permit anyhow (on the basis of the fact that the developer “thought” he had the air rights). Now, four years after the fact, the air rights and the development are actually in the same hands (for the first time in the project’s history). So BSA will validate the original DOB permit, even though it was clearly faulty.

Brownstoner has more here.