Pols Back Hasids in Bike Lane Fight

The Brooklyn Paper engages in a little sensationalist headline writing over David Yassky’s letter to DOT regarding the Kent Avenue bike lanes. While Yassky’s letter does talk about the impact of the bike lanes on local residents, the emphasis of the letter is clearly on the economic impact. Which is as it should be – as I’ve said before, the Kent bike lanes are a failure in planning because of the impact they have on local businesses, not because we are losing parking spaces. So the headline should read “Pols Back Local Business in Bike Lane Fight“.

(If Yassky, Markowitz et al want to do something for the residents who are most impacted by the greenway, they should be pressuring Shaefer Landing to revoke it exclusionary access policies and let all residents use the driveway for pickups and drop offs. That is just a shameful policy.)