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Waste Facilities a Blight for Brooklyn Residents [✜]

Greenpoint-Williamsburg is one of a handful of outer-borough neighborhoods that play host to waste transfer stations. These are the privately-owned places where city sanitation trucks and commercial garbage collectors dump all their loads -- 50,000 tons, every day -- so that this trash can be placed in long-haul trucks and driven to distant landfills...

When [the City marine transfer stations open], city garbage trucks will no longer trundle through Greenpoint-Williamsburg to drop off their loads at private waste transfer facilities. But commercial garbage haulers, servicing the city's businesses, will still be making those same runs. The bulk of the city's garbage -- 38,000 tons a day -- is commercial waste, primarily from Manhattan. That trash will still be headed for the outer boroughs, before going to landfills... There's no plan to divert that stuff to the city's new marine waste transfer stations.