Northside Pier – Weekends Only

So much for silver linings.

Seems like it was only last week that the opening of the pier at Northside Piers* was blunting the impact of the seasonal closing of East River State Park. Then, suddenly, the pier was closed again. Now its reopened, but only on weekends (and presumably only until dusk).

* And what are we supposed to call this lovely, inaccessible, part-time public amenity? Northside Pier? Smacks of real estate marketer branding. Palmer’s Dock? Smacks of real estate marketer branding with a dollop of historical authenticity thrown in. North 5th Street Pier? About as inspired as East River State Park. The-only-part-time-park-in-the-city Pier? True, but it doesn’t roll trippingly off the tongue (nor does it lend itself to a pithy acronym).

How about a little preemptive branding on this one? Comments are open.

One response to “Northside Pier – Weekends Only”

  1. Tried to go today, got there at 4:30 and found a security guard already locking it up. So much for dusk…