As Kent Avenue Turns

Between yesterday morning and this afternoon, both DOT and State Parks have been busy with the signs.

On Wythe Avenue, DOT has followed through on its promise to free up parking spaces, switching much of the stretch from Grand Street south to Broadway from No Standing or No Parking to alternate side rules.*

Meanwhile, State Parks has posted a new sign on East River State Park (BEDT park): The Park Will Reopen APRIL 1.

Happy New Year, please stay indoors.

*Yes, DOT had promised to compensate for lost parking on Kent as part of the implementation of the Greenway; it just took them a little longer to get around to the master plan part of things. But give them some credit – after a disastrous implementation, DOT has now: changed the stretch of Wythe in front Schaefer Landing from No Stopping to No Standing (allowing drop offs); added side-street loading zones for at least one business; and followed through on its long-standing promise to free up side street parking rules to make up for lost parking on Kent itself. That’s a lot of trade offs for the residents and businesses in the area of Kent, none of the fully to their benefit, but they mitigate a lot of the negative impact of the Kent Avenue bike lanes. And the impact on businesses still needs to be addressed further.