NEW Broadway Triangle Vision Unifies Community [reg. req.]

From Greenline, and update on last week’s Broadway Triangle Community Coalition (BTCC) [warning: registration required]. Although the article is hardly objective, the basic facts are true – there was a huge turnout (500 or so) for the second in the “alternative” Broadway Triangle charettes. As with the other group vying to have a say in the development of the Broadway Triangle and Pfizer area, BTCC is a coalition of different ethnic and religious groups.

Both groups are fighting for affordable housing (and a place at the table); the main difference is that BTCC is pushing for the maximum number of affordable units, regardless of how dense or how tall the overall development has to be. It remains to be seen if BTCC can make the case that this area can handle the density that would come with an R8 or higher zoning density (certainly there is a lot of public transportation right there). Of if there is a market for huge numbers of market-rate units on Flushing Avenue.