A Short Story

Aaron Short, of the erstwhile Greenpoint Courier is right back into the Brooklyn/Queens news stream with a new blog. I guess now his work won’t be buried behind a paleolithic web interface. (Plus, he might be the only local blogger with a proclamation from the City Council.)

Aaron starts things out by liveblogging last nights CB1 meeting (doesn’t get more exciting than that). Exciting stuff, but regrettably, very few pictures of the executive committee. Clearly, bloggers have no respect for hierarchy.

I’m not sure if Aaron is going to be doing any investigative pieces, but he might want to start with this: is it possible that there are two Maritza Davilas in the NY metropolitan area, and that both of them are running for City Council seats? What are the odds? 300:1? Also, a tip for Aaron (from one blogger to another) – follow your links, never know where they’ll wind up.