Legislature Works on Deal for $2 Tolls on East River Bridges

With both Malcom Smith and Sheldon Silver on board, tolls on the Williamsburg Bridge might not be that far off. I’m not particularly opposed to the idea, particularly if the toll is pegged to the cost of a subway ride, but agree with Marty, who says there should be a comprehensive commuter tax (again), not just tolls on the bridges. (And remember, it was Silver who killed congestion pricing, which was effectively a commuter tax – a comprehensive, well-thought-out one at that.) A $2 toll shouldn’t result in a huge increase in parking on local streets, but still, any toll should come with a local permit program to prevent auto commuters from using Brooklyn nabes for free parking.

And why is that City-owned bridges are being used to generate revenue for the MTA? If there are going to be tolls, shouldn’t the money be used to help the City budget?