Condemned Property: Slick’s Bikes


Photo: Dave G.

Another piece of Williamsburg’s character was carted away today. Reader Dave G. passed on these photos of Slick’s bikes tagged for removal by the Department of Sanitation. Without tags and inspection stickers (and seats, controls, tail lights, etc.), the bikes were, of course, illegal. The bikes also seem to have become a bit motlier since Slick passed away last year, and over the past few weeks (or more), they have seemed to be pretty stationary. But for decades, Slick (and Mike) did maintain this small stable of machines, moving them back and forth across the street.

The photo below is a little bit of Williamsburg irony – on the right is 184 Kent, 175 Kent under construction and the 80 Met sales office, and on the left are Slick’s bikes, tagged for towing, and his soaped up storefront.


Photo: Dave G.

One response to “Condemned Property: Slick’s Bikes”

  1. Does anyone know if mike is still fixing motorcycles?