Quadriad Blossoms


A few months ago, Brownstoner had a post wondering about the status of the Quadriad site on Bedford and North 3rd. Things were looking awfully quiet at the time, but shortly thereafter, work picked up. And they certainly have made progress since then – this morning, for the first time, the concrete and rebar could be seen sticking out above the sidewalk bridge. (Hard to see in this photo from a foggy morning, but beyond that orange netting is actual rebar rising to the sky).

Yet another project to add to the “still here” list of development projects in North Brooklyn. Given all the doom and gloom, its nice to see (certainly nicer than a derelict site or a permanent eyesore, like, say, the site immediately to the north).

[For the record, what Quadriad is building is their as-of-right scheme, which will probably come in at four to six stories. As best I know, Quadriad never filed a rezoning application for their proposed tower scheme. The as-of-right scheme (designed by RKT&B) might not be as exciting architecturally as what Stan Allen had proposed. But it is much better for the neighborhood (and far less divisive) than a ride down the slippery slope of trading off responsible development for affordable housing.]

One response to “Quadriad Blossoms”

  1. Given the size of that hole, I suspect they have something more in mind than 4-6 stories. The amount of parking on the approved plan seems extreme for the number of dwellings as well. These guys definitely seem capable of manipulating the system, so I watch (every day) with great trepidation. Not saying I’d prefer a vacant lot, but I don’t think they’re trustworthy and I don’t think the DOB is capable of overseeing people like them.