Parks Update – Progress

The Edge, as seen from North 5th St. Pier

It seems that with Spring, everyone is thinking of parks and open space. At tonight’s CB1 meeting, OSA’s Stephanie Thayer made a couple of important announcements. First off, the North 5th Street Pier will be open 7 days a week as of this Thursday. Up to this point, the pier – the only tangible new open space thus far to come out of the waterfront rezoning – was only open on weekends. (Its also a really nice pier.)

Second, the Manhattan Street End Green Space (that might even be its official name) officially opens this Saturday. You can go there now and check it out – it too is really nice.

And last, “next month” NYC Parks is going to break ground on the first phase of Bushwick Inlet Park – the construction of the athletic fields on a portion of the block between North 9th and North 10th Streets.

All of this is good news. And a good start.