Broadway Triangle Certified; Domino Not

Via WG, the Observer reports that the Broadway Triangle rezoning has been certified by the City Planning Commission. Expect the application to be before CB1 at the June public hearing, with a vote by the Board in July (also expect CB1’s July vacation to be cancelled – maybe we’ll get August off).

The Domino Sugar rezoning was not certified in Monday’s round of mass certification (theoretically, Monday was the last certification date to guarantee that a project would be reviewed by the current administration and council). WG says it has a line on another possible hold up for CPCR, Domino’s developer, but we’ll have to wait for the new issue to hit the newsstands (and the interweb) to find out what this delay is.

For opponents and proponents alike, Domino and Broadway Triangle have some parallels. Domino seeks to supersize the allowed height and density of recent rezonings in exchange for more affordable housing; many community activists would like to see Broadway Triangle do the same, while the proposal that was certified is more in keeping with heights and densities approved in recent rezonings.